HNBL S: Big Features, Small Size

Jim Jannard, the founder of Oakley, Inc, once said: “Everything can and will be made better.” Or in this case, smaller. Since its release a few years ago, the Oakley SI Ballistic HNBL has quickly solidified its place as a versatile platform for Military, Law Enforcement, and lifestyle. The only missing feature was the ability to accommodate smaller head profiles. Until now.

HNBL S has the same features and benefits of HNBL but is slightly minimized in size. Fully complaint with ANSI Z87.1+ and MIL SPEC, HNBL S also boasts the same robust lens exchange mechanism as its predecessor. We sat down with Kurt Sabin, Military Product Manager, to learn more on the development of HNBL S.

What was the inspiration for executing the HNBL S?

With the growing trend of inclusivity, and the diverse head sizes and variable fits required, we looked to extend the fit size range of a few key models. Multiple frame sizes allow for a larger volume of users to be fit properly without compromising the key attributes of protective coverage in varying head sizes. This is imperative on those users with smaller face sizes. Using a larger sized frame would leave critical gaps in protective coverage around the face and eyes. We knew the community wanted a solution.

What are the specific differences between HNBL and HNBL S?

The general overall frame size and fit was scaled down by 3-5% proportionally. This really allowed for smaller head sizes to be accommodated. With the scaled down version of the frame size there was extra side coverage added. We did this just to make sure that the user maintained maximum size coverage protection from projectiles or debris. We made sure to capture all existing tech features such as Switchlock™ Technology for quick and toolless lens exchange. Of course, a fit retention strap system for maximum fit retention is included.

Perhaps the most laborious aspect of HNBL S, we referenced key test head form sizes and performed extensive fit trials with our internal Vision Performance Lab Team. It was imperative we found the precise fit for this small to medium head size demographic.

What new technology will be offered in HNBL & HNBL S?

Currently offered in the SI HNBL Family is Industrial Safety RX lenses which allows for increased impact protection. Not only do these lenses offer protection for users, that require a high-performance prescription lens for corrected vision, but are now offered in a high wrap lens and frame for maximum field of view.

With the introduction of HNBL S, we also upgraded the lens to include a back side anti-fog coating. This coating is super beneficial for fog and moisture resistance, particularly as the product is used in some very aggressive activities.

We will also be extending our Laser Protection Lens (LPL) assortment to HNBL S as laser threats continue to rise across the Miliary and Law Enforcment community. Protection from these harmful threats is a non-negotiable, and we want to ensure we offer this important capability.

To learn more about HNBL S, and to access the full assortment, go HERE

Team Oakley SI

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