Shoot to Thrill: TacGas Media

Product creation is the first step. Storytelling is the second.

All across the defense industry, innovative companies are creating impactful products. Products that improve safety and enhance capability for our men and women in uniform. Without captivating imagery, video, and storytelling, those products do not receive the attention they deserve. This is where TacGas steps in.

TacGas is one of the leading media and production agencies for the defense industry. A full-service outfit that can bring any product to life. Whether that be big scale platforms such as FLIR Aerial Drones and Polaris Off-Road Vehicles, or personal protection equipment such as Oakley eyewear, or Ops-Core helmets. TacGas can take various advanced technology made for the defense industry and capture it in an authentic and meaningful way.

“We were doing firearms training and seeing other productions that didn’t look authentic,” says Jim Staley the company CEO and Founder.  “We thought we would take a crack at it, and it was me as single talent and Chad as photographer”  TacGas’ very first shoot was with Mystery Ranch, photographing backpacks, in 2016. After that, the customer list grew and so did the productions.

” The most challenging aspect of the company has been growth management,” says Staley. “How to continue to work on the business while working in the business?  A very common small business problem. The most rewarding aspect without a doubt is working with a talented and loyal team.  Not just loyal to TacGas, but to each other. Watching everyone work together to create something amazing is very rewarding.”

“Veteran mindset is definitely part of our brand and ethos.” – Jim Staley

A big part of TacGas is the authenticity. The productions use real explosions, often times live fire, and are never short of any pyrotechnics or free-falls out of a perfectly good airplane. The ability to execute relies on both an experienced crew, and talent. Many of which are prior military service. “Veteran mindset is definitely part of our brand and ethos,” say Staley.  “We work very hard and mission first, and that begins with a lot of our team being veterans. But, we also know when to laugh and have fun.”

Oakley Standard Issue has been collaborating with TacGas for several years. Some of the most recent video productions and photoshoots have included products such as the Oakley SI Ballistic HNBL and HNBL S. Additionally, TacGas conducted a custom photo shoot to feature the Oakley SI Ballistic Lineminer. A groundbreaking cold weather goggle that affords the user ballistic protection, anti-fog, and Oakley Prizm™ Technology. Needless to say, the imagery was stunning and captured the product in some austere environments.

As the defense industry has accelerated its effort to market products, so has the competition of agencies looking for new clients. With a greater emphasis on social media, companies need content at a higher rate and quality. Speaking with Ben Hetland, TacGas’ Digitial Asset Manager, “TacGas has grown into being the top-tier creative agency in our space by pushing the envelope to create ever-cooler content for our clients. The satisfaction that comes with quality work, a solid and dependable team, and being along for the ride.”

With years of experience now under their belt, TacGas is constantly pushing the envelope. “We are most excited about the new ways we can incorporate tech into capture to make even higher-level final products, such as the use of photogrammetry, AI, etc.”

At Oakley Standard Issue, we are excited to see what’s next from TacGas too. Take a look at their brand video below to see more:

Team Oakley SI

Team Oakley SI is a dedicated division within Oakley, Inc. that is committed to serving the specific needs of the U.S. Military, Veterans, Government, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMS professionals.

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