My Best can Always be Better: Buck Doyle

Formidable, imposing, rugged, and adventurous. It is no secret why Buck Doyle loves Teasedale, UT. The terrain is a mirror to his personality, with the addition of a great sense of humor.

I had the pleasure to spend some time with Buck at the Lodge at Red River Ranch in Teasedale. We shot guns, shared meals, and told stories. A cathartic experience for just about any veteran or outdoors junkie. With Buck, the experience fit like a glove. What better place to get to know someone than somewhere he is most comfortable?

Typical training day at Red River Ranch.

The Lodge at Red River Ranch is nestled adjacent to Capitol Reef National Park. It takes all but 10 seconds to feel inspired when looking at the enormous red cliffs and canyons. Dirt, shrubs, imposing rocks, crevasses, and small streams are everywhere. The terrain has become Bucks training facility.  

Origins of Service

Buck served over 21 years in the US Marine Corps, including 17 years and multiple combat tours with Special Operations units. As a Reconnaissance Marine attached to 1st Force Recon, 1st Recon BN, and MARSOC units, Doyle served as Team Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Chief Instructor at Special Missions Training Branch. 

“I guess it started when I was around 11 years old, when I watched the movie Rambo: First Blood,” said Doyle, when asked about what inspired him join the Military.  “By the time I graduated high school, the rule in my house was: college or the military.  That was an easy choice for me.” Buck has been all over the world fighting for his country, to include the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 

Farah Province, Afghanistan, 2009.

Special Operations was always an interest for Buck. “I’ve always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie—I spent most of my childhood in somebody’s backyard half-pipe, and riding in BMX freestyle competitions,” said Doyle.  “After I joined the Marine Corps, my first deployment was during the Persian Gulf War.  I was mentored by a few Force Recon Marines and would watch them train and execute missions from the ship—I knew from the start those were the guys I wanted to surround myself with.”

…to be a strong team, every individual member has to constantly hone their strengths & improve their weaknesses.

For many, the career in Special Operations teaches valuable skills but also refines the warrior mindset. In Special Operations, “I learned that to be a strong team, every individual member has to constantly hone their strengths & improve their weaknesses.” With any skill or strength, constant practice and hard work is necessary to stay proficient. “I learned that when I put in the hard work, I was damn good.  But it was up to me to stay sharp, to constantly learn and improve,” said Doyle.   

The Next Chapter

This mindset is still at full throttle long after his retirement in 2010. After his departure from Military service as a Master Sergeant, Buck founded Follow Through Consulting, LLC. During this time he spent four years contracting with the Department of Defense as a member of the Joint Expeditionary Team (JET), advising and assisting combat units in Afghanistan. Eventually, Follow Through expanded its training capabilities in 2014 to include law enforcement and qualified civilians, training out of Teasedale, UT. 

When asked about the challenges of his career post-military, Buck describes, “So I’m still learning and working on myself.  I’m only an expert in the things I know.  There’s lots of things I don’t know, and there’s lots of things I’ve learned but am still mastering.”

The training, and pursuit to achieve ones best self, never ends. “I’ll always be a work in progress, whether its shooting, physical fitness, or being a husband and father.  My best can always be better.”

Buck with actor Ryan Phillipe

In 2017, Follow Through added technical advising and training to cinema/television clients to its capabilities, with Buck providing intensive weapons training to lead cast members for the second season of USA Network’s “Shooter,” Additionally, Buck has collaborated with stars such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and many more. 

Buck with actress Shantel VanSanten, training for USA Network’s original series ‘Shooter.

“So far, I’ve been able to run my business and be successful, without compromising who I am.  I’d like to continue working, teaching, & consulting for as long as it’s enjoyable.  Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet consulting on television and film projects—I’d like to dive into that world some more and tap into my creative side.  Like I said, it’s about constantly challenging myself, learning to do new things.”

To learn more about Buck, or even train with him click HERE.

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Drew Wallace

Drew Wallace is a veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment, and has served in support of both OIF and OEF. He has been part of the Oakley SI team since 2012 and served in both product and marketing roles.

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