On the Water, On the Range: Jamey Caldwell

Sometimes the most powerful weapon is passion. That has proved true with Bass Pro Angler, and Oakley SI Ambassador, Jamey Caldwell. With an extensive Military background, Caldwell has learned through adversity and carried those lessons to his career post-military service. Specifically, as a high-level competitor on the Pro-Bass Fishing Circuit and running a full-time tactical training company.

Caldwell spent more than 21 years in the United States Army, serving his entire career in Special Operations. Finishing out his career as Sergeant Major, Caldwell served 7 years with the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, then spent the following 14 years in Special Forces Operations Detachment – Delta (SFOD-D). With well over a dozen combat deployments, Caldwell has been awarded three medals for valorous actions in combat while under direct fire from the enemy. 

Where it all began

Like his father, and grandfather before him, service to country and appetite for adventure has always been in his blood. “As a kid I was always outside playing cops and robbers, laser tag, BB gun wars, paintball, you name it,” says Caldwell. “My grandfather had fought in WWII, a Great Uncle was a Ranger in the Korean war, and I have an uncle that was awarded a Silver Star in Vietnam. My father was a Police officer for 35 years, so I was around military and law enforcement types growing up. I wanted to do something for my country like they all did before me.”

Caldwell has deployed to Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other countries in the world, participating in well over 500 combat missions. After 21 years of service to his country, it was time to pursue new endeavors.

…the hard right over the easy wrong will take you to the next level.

It’s no secret that transition from the Military to the civilian life can be daunting. The environment, mission, and structure are sharp in contrast. “The military is a great organization to learn so many things,” say Caldwell. “Joining the military right out of High School I learned a lot about being responsible for your own actions and how the hard right over the easy wrong will take you to the next level.”

Post Military Service

While not all specific skills translate into a career post-military, the mindset and ethos are important to remember. “Nothing in this world is free but this county is the land of great opportunity,” says Caldwell. “If you work hard at something and put in the effort you can achieve whatever it is you want. Set your goals, put in the hard work, learn from your failures, and reap the rewards of your efforts.”

Since his departure from the Military, Caldwell has immersed himself into fishing. Caldwell is a top-level competitor on the Bass Pro circuit. Caldwell remembers, “I started fishing competitively while stationed in Savannah GA with 1st Ranger Battalion back in 1994. My first event as a “professional” was 2011 on the James River in a Bassmaster Open.”

Since then, Caldwell has gone on to compete almost year-round, drawn multiple sponsors to include Oakley Standard Issue, Multicam, and Black Rifle Coffee. Additionally, Caldwell owns and runs 1 Minute Out, a tactical training company with various courses to include marksmanship, and NVG operator courses, most of which are quickly sold out. 

If you are looking to train with Jamey, visit his website HERE.

Team Oakley SI

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